Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

At Mount Beauty Secondary College, all students are now encouraged to bring a student owned laptop to school to assist with their learning.

Student-owned laptops must meet the minimum system requirements and used in accordance with the Mount Beauty Secondary College Acceptable Use Agreement. The device will need to be networked to our system and will need to have suitable software for use in class. Our school would prefer you to use a laptop rather than a tablet, due to the ease and compatibility of submitting documents between devices.

Please note: It is currently not a requirement for students to bring their own devices for school use. Students without their own device will continue to be able to use a school owned device.

Minimum Requirements

Minimum Requirements for student-owned laptops to be used at Mount Beauty Secondary College:

Windows Apple
Operating System Windows 10 or higher Mojave 10.14 or higher
Wireless 802.11 802.11
RAM 8GB or larger 8GB or larger
Hard Drive 256GB or larger 256GB or larger

*SSD hard drive strongly recommended


  1. Please ensure batteries are fully charged.
  2. Label your bag and device. Put your charging cable in with your device.
  3. Please remove any anti-virus software before bringing in to school.

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