“Your first day of high school is a memorable event that marks the start of something great. You’ll make memories with your friends, meet inspiring teachers, and learn new things that help you thrive.”

The first year of secondary education is an exciting and positive year for students. All students study the same course which is designed to assist them in adjusting from Primary to Secondary schooling, and to prepare them for entry into the Middle School. During the first year of their secondary education all Year 7’s complete a compulsory set of subjects including English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities, LOTE, PE and Sport. Students will also complete units of Woodwork, Metalwork, Textiles, Visual Communication (VC), Health, Art, Food, Performance Arts and Information Technology (IT). There is also a range of extracurricular events throughout the year (such as Year 7 Camp) that students will be participating in.




Statewide Orientation Day for Year 6 students at Mount Beauty Secondary College in December with further transition days to be confirmed during the year.


February – Year 7 Camp at Outdoor School (Bogong).

Moving from primary to secondary school

To find out more about starting Year 7 at Mount Beauty Secondary College, please view the following slides and videos: